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 ● "It consistently hammers the importance of credibility….this course is structured from the perspective of the client."
Gregario Woss y Gil, PMP
Rockville, MD

● "I really appreciated Neal's perspective and sharing his real world experiences in project management. It was not just another dry read."
Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Guide
Karen McElwain, PMP
Allen, TX

● "I work on a lot of team based projects, many of which share the challenges described in the course. This course represented my work environment very closely."
The Team Maturity Model
Steve Brewer, PMP
Roseville, CA

● " I liked the way the author laid out the course, with key PM, Customer critical skills up front; the drilling even deeper in the second half of the course."
Rock Feeman, PMP
Jefferson, GA

● "I thought the section on the Approaches and Techniques to leadership development was very useful. The course content was clear and easy to follow."
Effective Leadership for Project Managers
Anne Harney, PMP
Gort County, Ireland

● "I appreciated the identification of practical steps and guidelines for various situations. "
Professional Ethics for Project Managers
Jeanne Patterson, PMP
Garland, TX

● "The course was well structured and the format was effectively presented. It made sense and presented a lot of information in a great format."
Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Guide
Earl Burba
Denver, CO

● I thoroughly appreciated the real life stories that Mersino included in each section. This made it very easy to apply the lessons to my own situation. I learned quite a bit about myself too that will help me be a better Project Manager in the future."
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
Christine C Cosmez, PMP
Rockland, CA

● "I work on a lot of team based projects, many of which share the challenges described in the course. This course represented my work environment very closely."
The Team Maturity Model
Steve Brewer, PMP
Roseville, CA

● "The course materials were very informative and applied to the real world of project management. I liked the fact that the materials were delivered on CD and in hardcopy format. Everything in the course material was easy to follow and understand."
Craig L. Meier, PMP
Belcamp, MD

● "It gave me new insights to team building and team interactions, and reinforced some of the skills I found already present but not realized as skills."
The Team Maturity Model
Raymond Dickinson, PMP
Crystal Lake, Il

● "…the examples were true to real-life scenarios and easy to relate to."
Venkata Subramaniam, PMP
Kennesaw, GA

● "Prompt response time from the instructor. I could also relate to the overall analogy of lost in the real world and identifying lost projects using the same feelings, emotions and solutions. The templates on the CD will be very useful."
Project Search and Rescue
Lory Fournier, PMP
Jacksonville, FL

● "The lesson gives a full description of how WBS can be utilized in real project management work."
Mastering Project Scope Definition
Ting Pin Tseng, PMP
Taiwan, ROC

● "This was by far one of the best online P.M. courses that I have taken. The subject matter was logically ordered. The lessons that were taught are intuitive and I received great value from the four sections contained in each chapter."
Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Guide
Michael Chidalek, PMP
Houston, TX

● "I liked the insight and step-by-step walk through of how to create and maintain a WBS as well as how it relates to a project plan."
Mastering Project Scope Definition
Alphonse Frank, PMP
Albany, NY

● "Insights such as ethical behavior being good risk management, that setting ethical standards saves resources and that one should follow the intent of the law. The course provides good examples and case studies."
Professional Ethics for Project Managers
Susan deFreitas, PMP
Saint Paul, MN

● "Much of the course is what you do each day as a project manager, but it gives you further techniques in ensuring success. I am sure that I will incorporate some of the ideas from this course."
Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Guide
Scott Maederer, PMP
Aloha, OR

● "I like having a resource that is easily understood and written in such a way that I can use it for multiple situations."
The Team Maturity Model
Doris Abraham, PMP
Omaha, NE

● "This course addresses real-life issues that we face in the work place each day and instructs on how to deal with these issues in a way that is positive and beneficial to the business and ourselves."
Neal Whitten’s Twenty Best Practices for Projects
Amy Snow, PMP
little Elm, TX

● "The course provided excellent practical information...templates were particularly useful."
Mastering Project Scope Definition
Ella Burnett, PMP
Matthews, NC

● "I enjoyed the fact that the key messages were presented clearly and concisely. Most of all I enjoyed the clarity with which the roles and responsibilities of the various project stakeholders were laid out. The Q&A style of presentation was great."
Mastering Project Scope Definition
Stuart Bestbier, PMP
Vancouver, BC Canada

● "I appreciated the discussion regarding team building skills and communication processes and how essential both are to developing effective leadership on projects."
Effective Leadership for Project Managers
John Briesemeister, PMP
Pascagoula, MS

● "I appreciated the reinforcement of the key concept that the client will live with the solution beyond the project close-out. This course forced me to view projects differently right away."
Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Guide
Theresa Kimler, PMP
Oakdale, MN

● "Materials were provided in various formats. Format of content was well laid out with presentation of concept, key concepts identified in note boxes throughout, "bulletized" reviews, and series of review questions to confirm understanding."
Effective Leadership for Project Managers
Susan Michaud, PMP
Hartsville, SC

● "Key information was summarized extremely well allowing me to quickly understand the key concepts"
Mastering Project Change
Charles Pustz, PMP
Tinlet Park, IL

● "Very practical to real-life scenarios which had a real-life lesson to be applied in the near future! I even had 1 of the case studies happen to me in real life! I really appreciate this course and lessons."
Neal Whitten’s Twenty Best Practice for Projects
Gabriel Castro Esparza, PMP
Miami, Fl

● "I appreciated the format, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and consideration it gave in all aspects of the SASHET and to the PM."
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
Joanne K. Lee, PMP
Atlanta, GA

● "I thought that the course was a very good representation of ethical issues that project managers are confronted with over the course of their careers."
Professional Ethics for Project Managers
Kevin Murphy, PMP
Nashville, TN


Neal Whitten's No-Nonsense Guide to Leading Successful Projects
Successful projects don’t just happen—they are made to happen. With this course, Neal Whitten takes leadership and project management to a personal level to reveal leading-edge best practices that make the difference between leading consistently successful projects and playing the victim with troubled projects.

This course focuses mostly on leadership and soft skills but also includes hard skills and life skills. The course also reveals behaviors to adopt that are invaluable in helping a person become a more successful project manager and leader. No theories here—this stuff works!

Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 35 Category A PDUs upon course completion.
Enrollment Fee: $379.00
The Enterprise Business Analyst - complete course information
Today's competitive and economic environment is causing two new business disciplines to converge; business analysis and complex project management. The business analyst's leadership is a strategic resource that can unleash in organizations the innovation and creativity needed to meet 21st century challenges.The Enterprise Business Analyst provides a roadmap to assist project professionals in developing a business analysis discipline as both a leadership role and a support to the project management and technical delivery aspects of today's complex projects. 

Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 30 Category A PDUs upon course completion. The IIBA's Certification of competency in business Analysis (CCBA) and Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) recipients earn 30 CDUs upon course completion.
Enrollment Fee: $329.00
eXtreme Project Management The Practical Agile Framework - Complete course information
eXtreme Project Management sits squarely on the foundation of well-accepted core practices that underpin the entire agile project management movement. When traditional project management methods fall short in the face of volatility, eXtreme Project Management delivers the flexibility required in most of today's projects.

eXtreme Project Management can be understood and utilized by various stakeholders; compliments any development or delivery lifecycle and results in quick ramp-up, early adaptation to sudden opportunities and risks, and reduced time to market.

Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 25 Category A PDUs upon course completion.
Enrollment Fee: $279.00
Complex Projects.jpg
Managing Complex Projects - complete course information
Business today is often complex and moves so rapidly that project solutions are equally, if not more, complex. Project failure is often the result. Project expert Kathleen (Kitty) Hass, PMP, zeroes in on the correct answer to deal with project complexity through Managing Complex Projects.

Kitty presents her Project Complexity Model for project leadership teams to use to diagnose project complexity and to make decisions around how to plan and manage projects based on a complexity profile. Anyone challenged with filling a leadership role on a critical project will benefit from learning how to apply complexity thinking to projects. 

Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 25 Category A PDUs upon course completion.

Combine with Mastering Project Scope Definition and earn 40 PDUs for $279.
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Enrollment Fee: $279.00
EI web cover.jpg
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers - complete course information
Managing projects is largely about managing people to achieve specific outcomes. By building effective relationships with our team members and other project stakeholders, we increase our ability to manage people to the desired outcomes. These abilities are often called interpersonal skills or soft-skills and are required to progress the project manager to excellence.
Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers provides a guide to assist the project manager to develop the skills critical for working effectively to manage conflict, motivate and inspire the best in others.
Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 25 Category A PDUs upon course completion.

Regular enrollment fee $279
Save $50 through 8/31!

Enrollment Fee: $229.00
PM/COR - complete course information
You know client relationship management is a crucial component of successful projects. Finally, there is a model that will teach you how to achieve client relations excellence. Let PM/COR challenge you to have a different perspective, and teach you how to successfully become the project manager clients ask for by name.

The PM/COR model establishes the 5 Client-Relations Competencies that a project manager must consistently demonstrate when interacting with clients: as well as the 5 Client Focus Areas, which explore the components of the project life-cycle that most concern and motivate the client.

Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 25 Category A PDUs upon course completion.
Enrollment Fee: $279.00
Creative Leadership.jpg
Creative Leadership for Project Teams - complete course information
A project that spends its life in a bad mood because project stakeholders are unhappy is a project in trouble – one running on empty of motivation, innovation, trust, and confidence. These emotion-driven qualities are rooted in the right-brain and serve as the lifeblood for succeeding on what Michael Aucoin calls “stretch projects.”

Creative Leadership for Project Teams is grounded in real-world knowledge and experience – straight from the project street. This course will provide you extensive references to research and the experiences of project managers who use right-brain approaches successfully on a regular basis in their work.
Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 20 Category A PDUs upon course completion.

Regular enrollment fee $229
Save $30 through Aug 31!
Enrollment Fee: $199.00
Professional Ethics for Project Managers - complete course information
Professionals agree that lying and stealing are wrong; that discrimination based on race, gender, religion or creed is unacceptable. There is little question that these elements have no place in a professional environment. What about areas that are less clear - such as truth in advertising, whistle-blowing, full-disclosure and 'creative accounting'?

Professional Ethics for Project Managers provides a comprehensive exploration into the topic of professional ethics and casts light on some of the 'grey areas' of ethics in project management; ensuring that you and others can stay on the right path during the project lifecycle.

Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 20 Category A PDUs upon course completion.
Enrollment Fee: $229.00
TM2 - complete course information
Projects can only be successful if the teams engaged in them interact successfully. Unfortunately, bringing a group of skilled individuals together does not ensure they can work together effectively as a team. Project managers must be able to effectively bring individuals together and help them grow as a team. TM2, provides a simple and effective architecture for project managers to better understand their teams and their ability to work together.

TM2 establishes four levels of team operating maturity, defines the behaviors within each level of maturity, and suggests strategies to more effectively promote maturity on the project team.

Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 20 Category A PDUs upon course completion.
Enrollment Fee: $229.00
Mastering Project Scope Definition - complete course information
Your project’s success depends upon your ability to successfully identify and gain stakeholder agreement on project scope. This course provides a proven method to work through the challenges of scope development and properly define the project deliverables.

Mastering Project Scope Definition will show you a real-world formula for successfully developing scope together with your project team and other key project stakeholders. The course advances the concept of Work Breakdown Structure from theory to everyday application, covering not only practical guidelines for its development but also how to facilitate the needs of all project stakeholders.

Project Management Professionals (PMP®) earn 15 Category A PDUs upon course completion.

Combine with Managing Complex Projects and earn 40 PDUs for $279. Ends 8/31
Must use code wmhd40. Learn more
Enrollment Fee: $179.00
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